MRO (Maintenance, Repair & Operations)

The International Pipeline Structural Solutions Group of companies understand that MRO management is vital for Operational Facilities onshore and offshore.  It is vital to avoid downtime.  Our experienced staff and strategic warehouses ensure our markets can rest easy our group stock holding and experienced supply chain can manage these requirements daily.

Project Management

Project Management has proved to be a key strength in our groups armory.  In our short time of being established we have been involved in several major projects and have shown our capabilities of meeting project requirements both in terms of materials and the documentation required.  All projects are handled by a dedicated and knowledgeable team. Each project team is specifically chosen based on their knowledge and experience of the industry, the materials being selected and the products required.

Supply Chain Management

The International Pipeline Structural Solutions Group work with major suppliers worldwide, this cooperation works both on MRO and Project Management assignments.  We will only use trusted worldwide manufacturers and where applicable our clients approved vendors lists.

Dedicated Resources

We have dedicated fully-computerised project management offices with electronic logs that detail every aspect of each project. We regularly visit each manufacturer to establish a list of key contacts who are responsible for the various disciplines such as production, documentation and commercial negotiations.

Reporting Systems

Our Manufacturers regularly update the company on the exact status of every product ordered from them. Visits to each mill take place at regular intervals to ensure that contracts are completed as promised in terms of material quality, documentation and delivery schedule.


International Pipeline Structural Solutions Group provide with various documentation as required by the client such as :-

Quality Plan / Inspection Test Plan
Non Destruction Procedures
Heat Treatment Procedures
Production Schedule
3.1 / 3.2 Test Reports
Vendor Data Book